Langland’s Piers the Ploughman (in English Translation)

Piers the Ploughman

Another great poetry must read includes Langland‘s Piers the Ploughman.

Written in Middle English, this fantastic dream-narrative presents an allegorical satire on the current state of the English realm. These striking verses expose the seven deadly sins to satire and unmerciful pillorying: while denouncing Falsehood and Flattery as causes of much suffering amongst the common, English labouring class: to which Piers (the narrator) himself belongs.

  • Can Conscience possibly make herself heard in the courts of the land: where Flattery and Falsehood have already firmly ensconced themselves?
  • Can Reason and Peace convince England’s King to stand firm against Wrong? Or will the King be swayed by lucrative donatives to side with his self-interest?
  • How certain is Piers that righteous life lived well is of more worth than a Pope’s pardon at the Last Judgement?

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