Never be the Same – Tertio

man falling apart

Well, you ended things quite suddenly. I say this to your shame.
You had enough of me, apparently.
When the trust of friends is broken, things can never be the same
For suspicions replace all trust instantly.

I had not given you reason. You’re a traitor to the name
Of friend. You chose to be my enemy.
Were you ever friend at all? I’ll never see things quite the same.
Friend morphed to become my adversary.

Some things simply can’t be patched up. You’ve worked your spiteful aim.
A second chance I’ll ensure you won’t get.
We’re now strangers with shared memories. ‘Twill never be the same.
And your causeless hate I will not soon forget.

Well, change cannot be resisted. Truth pierces lies and blame.
Can the rivers turn and flow back from the sea?
Can a mortal turn back time? No – things can never be the same.
From you, my ersatz, quondam friend; I’m free.

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