Never be the Same – Duo

Man pressed against rainy window

You will seek your restitution. I reject your fickle game.
Once betrayed, thereafter wary. I shall never you befriend.
For the fool can never realise things can never be the same
Just as fools can never realise what their actions brought to end.

You were always irresponsible. You’ll find someone to blame.
Never you, yourself, of course. You are the victim, you’ll report.
And the naïve and the credulous believe you just the same,
As they seek their own advantage. Losers dismissed without thought.

Sink the knife into my back up to the hilt. Where is your shame?
What reward is this for sharing with you months, and years of life?
Once exposed as a liar – things can never be the same.
Unmasked are you – the hypocrite, who fanned the flames of strife.

So the gossips drink the slander. While the fools dream up a name
To obscure the facts that disadvantage them. A little spin
As they vilify the virtuous – fools always act the same –
To pull down the good to gratify their egos. Such is sin.

But you never could – and never will – your basest passions tame.
You were hungry to advance yourself. In any blatant way.
You could not abide an equal. Things will never be the same.
So – depart. Take with you – nothing. There are no more words to say.


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