Mohammad’s Call

Jihad Generations

We heed Mohammad’s call. Muslims do what this man did:
We’ll convert the earth with slaughter: our demands at sword-point bid.
For Mohammad left off preaching early on, and at his word
He drew out his blade to conquer. His religion is – the sword.

Though the Christian world defied us, their crusades did beat us back –
We are patient. In our anger we avenge us by: attack!
Though the years roll on we Muslims don’t forgive. We don’t forget.
That would shame us. So we kill on. For – this isn’t over yet!

For our universal caliphate shall come: or we will die
Just to bring about this worthy goal. At least, for this we’ll try.
And our Imams keep good order of the faithful: all obey.
Those they don’t get named by fatwa – then we seek them out to slay.

Islam knows no god but Allah. Allah is our god of fear.
He’s not loving, but he’s wrathful: from our cradle to our bier.
Yet we still follow the Prophet, though to dust our bodies turn.
By our body-count of infidels, our place in heaven earn.


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