So what is fatherhood? What means today
A father when inside our cultural sway
All real distinctions between woman, man
Are broken down: ignored. Is there some plan,
Some role, some gift, that dads alone can do
Distinct from mums, or friends, or what-have-you?
Well, if there is: such models that we find
So near at hand don’t bring this role to mind.
Imperfect fathers now – alas – prevail.
When there’re around at all – so oft they fail.
When they’re nearby: we see their faults, their flaws,
Which oft enough give us their children cause
To dismiss, reject, escape, and ignore
Their efforts to impose their unjust law.

So I suppose – indeed I must conclude –
That although perfect fatherhood is good:
There are no perfect fathers on this earth.
No man was born perfect after Cain’s birth.
Thus perfect fatherhood’s similitude
Can never upon earth be ever viewed.
What can’t be found in mortals, is Divine.

Adopt me, Divine Father. Make me thine.