Matteo’s Orlando Inamorato (in English Translation)

Knight & His Lady

Another great poetry must read includes Boiardo‘s unfinished Orlando Inamorato: which inspired as its sequel Aristo’s magnificent Orlando Furioso.

Translated from the original Italian: this terrific poem paints the chivalric world in wonderful detail. Knights errant abound: undertaking strenuous quests and perilous adventures. Enchantments are discovered and overcome, wicked paladins slain, and dangerous sorceresses confronted: their magic defences shattered and their strongholds overthrown.

  • The wicked Morgana has succeeded in entrapping many proved knights in  her enchanted garden. Can even Orlando break through and overpower her supernatural sorceries?
  • Angelica – the beautiful daughter of the powerful King of Cathay: sows dissension in Charlemagne’s court by offering herself as a bride to the knight of most prowess. But her ruse backfires when Angelica herself falls in love with one of her contenders: the handsome Rinaldo. But will Rinaldo remain able to return her affections after falling under the baleful influence of the enchanted Fountain of Enmity?

Want to know more?

There is no complete English verse translation of the Orlando Inamorato. Partial English verse translations are provided below:


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