Never be the Same – Primo

shattered wineglass

It’s the self-conceited fool who always others seeks to blame
Who can’t comprehend the simple fact that consequences will
Always follow from their actions. Such fools play their feckless game
Both unwitting and uncaring that their words – and actions – kill.

Kill off friendship. Kill good feeling. Kill and shatter family ties
Past all mending. Thus the fool encompasses more than he knows.
When it’s too late for apologies, the fool, of course, still tries
To reclaim what he has squandered. But too late. That’s how it goes.

For the fool is never teachable, and unable to grow wise,
His choices eschew humility, which he misthinks as shame.
Oft repenting at his leisure when he let slip his disguise
Of low cunning: he’ll not ken that things can never be the same.

When the trust has dissipated, can the fool demand it back?
When hypocrisy is penetrated, what can the fool do?
His denials but reveal his double-standards, his soul black
As his conscience burnt to cinders by the lies he told, untrue.

Broken eggs cannot be mended. Broken hearts – who can atone?
And betrayers cannot hope to enjoy friendships worth the name.
Backstab once – and do your damage. After that, you’re on your own.
The laugh, the love, the friend – is dead. ‘Twill never be the same.


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