The World’s Best English Short Stories – Dick’s Second Variety

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The world’s best English short stories includes Philip K. Dick‘s Second Variety.

Earth is dead – its surface reduced to a husk of radioactive ash and slag.

The lucky evacuated to the safety of the Lunar moon-base. A few remaining soldiery survive upon the earth’s surface to direct warring hoards of robotic-killers against the enemy: with little incentive to win.

Was it even worthwhile continuing to fight over a charnel-house?

The robotic-killers – nicknamed ‘claws’ – were lethal and effective at tracking down human life-forms. Prowling 24×7 – they never tired. Robotic factories deep underground refined and built ever more effective designs automatically: programmed with no human interference.

And the claws were programmed to always serve their creators: weren’t they?

Want to know more?

Robot combat


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