Unknown Soldier

Soldier in Warzone

I am an Unknown Solider. On vast battlefields I tread
Past mangled bodies dying and the corpses of the dead.
This war will last for centuries. While each side still draws breath
Each annihilates the other in a battle to the death.

The supernatural energies this conflict has unleashed
Resound throughout the universe, whose fabric they have breached.
In fact – so I have heard it said – creation is decayed.
When at last this war is over, all things have to be remade.

I fight on – although my small arms cannot touch the ‘bigger boys’
So I pray on down some air-support which our team quick deploys.
I’m satisfied to see our bombs come down, obliterate
Devils who would damn our souls and our bodies eviscerate.

I’ve had mates die right beside me. I’ve seen comrades turn and run.
I’ve seen braggarts turn deserter having seen one hostile gun.
I’ve seen plenty of defectors, who were bought and sold us out.
I can’t count the double-agents we’ve exposed – or know about.

I’ve my rank. I have my number. But my name to most – unknown.
Yet I’ve fought in major battles since I signed up near my home.
I was reborn as a warrior. I was baptised as I trod
Ever onwards. For I signed onto the armies of our God.


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