The World’s Best English Short Stories – Wells’ Sleeper Awakes

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The world’s best English short stories includes H. G. Wells’ The Sleeper Awakes.

Graham woke up.

Now, there’s nothing strange in a man waking up: at least that’s usually the case. But in Graham’s case, his waking up was strange – and unexpected. For Graham had been in a coma for over two centuries.

Graham – much to his astonishment – soon finds himself to be a multi-trillionaire: his life’s savings having prospered invested trust investments over the preceding centuries. But Graham’s fortune – and power – is no longer his own: it belongs to the board of Trustees – known as the “White Council” – who project the trust’s tremendous economic, political, and military muscle into  almost every corner of the globe.

Nor – as Graham quickly discovers – will the White Council quietly resign their role simply because their benefactor has regained consciousness and wishes to regain what is rightfully his…

  • Can Graham escape the insidious plots fomented by the powerful White Council? And even if he does…
  • What changes can Graham make to this strange new world: so alien to the England in which he was born?

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