I’m Busy

I'm Busy

I am busy. Oh, so busy. I’ve no moments left to spare
Except for text, or email, or a voicemail from somewhere.
I live my life at a full run. I gallop out of bed.
I eat, dress, shower with the radio blaring through my head.

My eyes glued to my smartphone screen: I chat, IM, and plan
Because today small touchscreens are the measure of the man.
The next ten months are planned in full: in half-hour increments.
I feel quite cool saying: “Can’t do. I’ve other engagements!”

My network’s huge. I’ve virtually met with thousands of new friends.
My Facebook status, Twitter feeds: their updates never ends!
I live online. At work. At home. My focus is intense.
And ‘inner peace’ I’ve scheduled in: about a decade hence.


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