Dark Night of the Soul – Secondus

Dark Soul

When you drench your bed with weeping. When your mourning makes loud dole.
When your groans exceed your sleeping: ’tis the Dark Night of your Soul.
By: betrayal, death, or slander. By: hypocrisy or pride.
By what means – it doesn’t matter. You feel dark on the inside.

When you fight it: it grows greater. You ignore it: it comes back
And threatens to overwhelm you, blinding you in lightless black.
Then the colour leaches from your life. You grimly struggle on.
And you wonder: is it worth it? Have I lost? Drawn even? Won?

You are broken: and life’s pieces mock you. Were you sometime whole?
Were you ever in the sunlight? Does this Dark Night of the Soul
Just continue on forever? Or is somewhere there a light
That can lead you out of darkness, from this bleak and starless night?

Well, the strength just isn’t in you. So it must come from outside.
So you humble what remains of your self-confidence and pride
And you cry out with a wailing shriek, and onwards vainly plod.
You have nothing left. The time is to come face to face with: God.


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