The Great Australian Adjective

Bloody Oath

Well, it’s bloody great to write this bloody piece of bloody prose
On the Great Australian Adjective. As everybody knows
It’s endearing – for it stands for: great, good, wonderful, or ruddy.
For emphasis. To interject. Comparative. It’s ‘bloody’.

You need to use superlative? It’s bloody best, for sure.
To compare one with another? You can’t wish for bloody more.
For every part of speech in grammar, bloody makes its way
It’s bloody much Australian speech as shouting out: G’day!

There’s no point being bloody shocked – to think it’s coarse or rude.
It’s good bloody use of English in the indicative mood.
For we’re bloody friendly down here in Australia. You’re my buddy
For forever here Down Under if you just start saying ‘bloody’.


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