The World’s Best English Short Stories – Clarke’s The City and the Stars

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The world’s best English short stories includes Arthur C. Clarke’s The City and the Stars.

The Earth is old – very old – and Diaspar is Earth’s sole remaining city: securely sealed within its impenetrable dome.

Yet Alvin is restless: he is a “unique” – one of only a handful of such to be born every few millennia. Alvin is convinced that there must be a way to leave Diaspar: yet his peers ridicule the very idea of anyone wishing to leave the perfect city.

  • Can Alvin discover one of the few exits from Diaspar? And even if he can –
  • Will he uncover the real reason that Diaspar continues to exist so long after all other cities on Earth have vanished?

Want to know more?

Written in 1956, The City and the Stars is not yet in the Public Domain.

The City & the Stars


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