Lost Screwtape Letters – Homosexuality

stone gargoyle

Dearest Wormwood,

You asked me to expand my reasons for thinking church attendance – at the right kind of church, of course – quite harmless. For the present let me limit myself to the most successful of our recent propaganda efforts: the promotion of homosexuality from the pulpit.

For years we have been busily inserting our own pastors and priests inside churches of every denomination. Our best operatives possess infinitely pliable moral fibre to make them susceptible to every change in public opinion: and unable to resist the tendencies moving in society at large. Therefore if society affirms homosexuality – so will they.

Thus, hand-in-hand with our continuing “pastor insertion” program, we are actively reshaping society to destroy that most hateful institution of the Enemy’s – the nuclear family. Our allies, the radical feminists – hating all male authority figures impartially – continue promoting our own anti-procreation / anti-marriage agenda and offer lesbian alternatives to pervert female libido. We coordinate their efforts with our pro-homosexual agitators: who inundate society with pseudo-scientific mumbo-jumbo and various social-theories to divide and confuse our opponents. Some examples of their work include “Gender Identity Syndrome”, and “masculinity / femininity are social constructs” – to name but two.

Subverting truth is not merely pleasurable: it has its serious side also. Co-opting our patients’ logic – that bizarre, human cognitive faculty – we convince them to accept its extreme conclusions. In the present case: authority figures constantly re-iterate that “men are no different from women”. Once of our patients comes to believe this, it is a simple step to convince them – logically – that it matters nothing whether they next sleep with a man or woman: for there’s “no difference”. And from homosexual sex we lead the patient to endorse homosexual marriage. Q.E.D.

Such thinking errors always compound – preventing nuclear families from ever coming into existence in the first place. Our patients instead accept palliatives of barren, libidinous, multiple sexual-partners that are changed frequently in their pursuit of novelty over intimacy. And thus we unwind the Enemy’s plans unveiled first in Eden – just as our father did.

Meantime, our double-agents within the church perform their role by confirming that heterosexual marriage is redefined out of legal existence. You express your worry that attending church might allow your patient to inadvertently learn some real biblical truth: but your concerns are grossly exaggerated. You evidently forget that our priests and pastors long ago rejected all Biblical authority whatever. If our double-agents actually open the Bible at all – to them it is a dead book: an error-riddled narrative of mythological fairy-tales requiring extensive reinterpretation. Their thin veneer of righteousness has no Power at all – certainly none to harm us. And thus they continue faithfully proclaiming “homosexual marriage” propaganda from their pulpits, and brazenly denouncing anyone teaching that the Bible condemns homosexuality as sinful.

But that’s enough for now of this diverting topic. Do write and tell me how your patient is coming along.

Your most affectionate uncle,


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