All who Wander


All who wander are not lost, I say –
They’re journeying – but not the usual way.
And also: all who’re waiting are not still
For those who seek to find – only such will.

Truly: all who are speaking are not heard.
While others speak, without saying a word.
Thus all who’re silent are not mute. And true
That those with most to say – their words are few.

Verily all who listen aren’t aware:
But can pretend to listen, and to care.
All who surmise aren’t amiss – these latter
Often perceive to the heart of a matter.

Remember: all who smile are not benign
A smile can mask much thinking un-condign.
And all who threaten aren’t hostile to you:
It all depends whether they’re false – or true.

So too: not all those sleeping are at rest:
As dreaming minds display hid fears repressed.
Nor are those who arise always awake:
But moving flesh, who beds awhile forsake.

Remember all who vanish are not gone
They’re close as thought – although they journey on.
Neither are all who perish therefore dead:
“The dead will live again”, the Teacher said.


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