The World’s Best English Short Stories – Forster’s The Machine Stops

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The world’s best English short stories includes E. M. Forster’s The Machine Stops.

The next generations of human beings have adapted well to their comfortable underground cities. Incipient religious cravings – which somehow have not yet been completely eradicated via the eugenics program – are diverted by reading the new holy book, The Book of the Machine: which extols mankind’s new benevolent deity.

Despite all the external comforts, Vashti worries about her son, Kuno: who becomes preoccupied with the strangest notions.

  • Is Kuno strong enough to visit the planet’s surface: mankind’s ancestral home?
  • What hope is there for the future of The Machine’s weakly  homo sapiens: bred to live only in the vast, centrally planned cities underground?

Want to know more?

Machine Stops


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