Night Without Stars

Dark Valley

Deep between black-shadowed mountains, with no stars to be my guide.
I have walked through many perils. Still I have You by my side.
Though I often am in danger, yet I keep upon my way.
And I know that every passing hour brings nearer break of day.

Yea, the hazards here are legion. There are pitfalls down to hell.
Dark crevasses. Lairs. Or hidden pits. And other things as well.
There are demons in the darkness who’ll torment you just for fun.
But I recall: my journey leads towards the rising sun.

There are monsters too – muscles and bulk, with rows of serried teeth.
There are witches in their covens. Trap-pits open underneath.
I’ve survived them all. And still upon my way I firmly tread.
On to reach my destination, till the day I fall down dead.
When my resurrected self will journey on the road instead.


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