Church Makes Weak

Blown Away

The church exists to make men weak.
Do you guidance and wisdom seek?
The church would love to grind you down
See independence overthrown
To undermine in every season
Logic, mind, then too your reason.
The priest – they will decide for you
What’s bad. What’s right. And what is true.
And never let your think yourself
While coaxing you to give your pelf
To swell their weekly salaries
They’re here to help. You’re there to please.

Hang on: I thought the Holy Ghost
Directly counsels me. At most
The church confirms what He does say –
Not take my power of choice away.
I thought the Bible was the Truth
Not priestly drivel without proof
Nor sanction from the Word Divine.
My choice – forever – remains mine.

Beware all church authority
It never benefited me.


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