Le Morte D’Arthur – Stanzaic Verse

Arthur's Knighthood

Another great poetry must read includes Le Morte D’Arthur in Stanzaic Verse. Written around 1400, the text is replete with Old English words and letters: the sources given below include extensive glossaries for readers unfamiliar with Old English.

The passing of King Arthur, the insurrection of Mordred, the infidelity of Queen Genevieve with Lancelot, the revenge of Gawain for the death of his brothers: are all described in touching pathos in this brilliant epic. Used by Thomas Malory and countless others, the Stanzaic Morte D’Arthur remains inspirational: although its role is obscured by the twin veils of time and language.

  • What madness afflicts Mordred with the delusion of his own invincibility?
  • Was it accident that sets Gawain against Lancelot: and shatters the Table Round? Or something else?
  • Is Arthur really dead? And if not: when shall he return?

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