Genetic Drift

Human Genetics

Genetics! This is what it means:
Humanity is in our genes!

By dad and mum, by mum and dad
We’ve come by every gene we’ve had.
The tribes of all the human race
Are in their genes. There you will trace
The clans of every generation
Producing each and every nation.

Since from Eden we began
To multiply, thus have we – man –
Continued to supply our line
With all our genes in every time.

Alas – our days are now so few
Compared to what our sires knew.
Because our coded genes: they break
To introduce some new mistake
Which culminate with steady time
In our children, which must decline
In health. In strength. In might. All ways
Which end in shortened length of days.

Genetic pygmies are we all
Our race declining in free-fall.
Our earliest years – our Golden Age
Forgotten as some mythic stage.
The humbled earth which now is trod
Forgets we once were like to God.

What now we look around and see:
What futures wait our progeny?


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