Horned Mask

Christ did not promise untold wealth,
Prosperity, or perfect health,
While we these mortal bodies wear:
For now we must our sufferings bear.

Christ did not promise each desire,
A perfect family, empire,
Business, lucre, or possessions.
Why do such things form prepossessions?
What petty gods these fleshly lusts!
Do God, or mammon – hold our trusts?

Saint Paul enjoyed not perfect health.
Nor did he garner in much wealth.
Do saints today pretend they all
Are too good to be like Saint Paul?
This sounds too much like fear, or pride
To avoid pain, trials deride.

Christ promised neither many friends,
Nor love of family. He tends
To demand Christians bear their cross
Of suffering, privation, loss,
Of families and kin divided,
Being scorned, despised, derided.
Thus: many inside the church wall
Do not follow Jesus at all.


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