The World’s Best English Short Stories – Twain’s The Weekly Occidental

World's Best English Short Stories Banner

The world’s best English short stories include Twain’s The Weekly Occidental – published as part of Roughing It.

The Weekly Occidental – a new journal – is launched with much fanfare in Virginia: to disseminate gems of “literature” to its highly select readership. One of The Weekly Occidental‘s first projects is to release a serial novel: each subsequent chapter being penned by another of the paper’s skilled writing team. The first chapters have been already published when it is the turn of the newest staff member: whose literary convolutions turn the novel inside-out – with disastrous repercussions for the journal…

  • Is the genre of the Weekly Occidental’s premiere serial novel best characterised as: satire, murder, mystery, romance, adventure, or all of the above?
  • What was the enduring legacy of Virginia’s esteemed The Weekly Occidental?

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