Birthday Reflection 2014

God's Hand

There was a time I was not. Then – I was.
From non-existence coming to exist.
I never was – of me – the Final Cause.
Another made me Live. Could I resist?
My parents chosen for me. I was born
And nourished, helpless. Till with passing years
My mind unfolded, flowered, to then spawn
Maturer understanding, hopes and fears.
I exist – but I didn’t choose to be!
I live – a life I’m predetermined for
Unchoosing, chosen by my God, for He
My Life-path laid out with His divine lore.
Unbidden, I was born. From nothing – live.
My soul a gift, my Creator did give.
Thus everything I am – He made it so.
God – glorify Your Name on earth below.


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