Byron’s The Giaour

Medieval Knight

Another great poetry must read includes Byron‘s The Giaour.

Imagine a love triangle: two ardent lovers, one a Moslem, the other a Christian. Imagine the beloved: a beautiful Greek girl, captured as a young girl and brought into a Count’s harem.

The beautiful Leila is espoused to the handsome but imperious Count Hassan. She loves him after a somewhat impetuous fashion: being imprisoned inside his harem – an exquisitely gilded cage – what could she more? Especially since the punishment for suspected infidelity is: death by drowning!

But then a gallant Christian warrior – The Giaour – enters the scene. And three lives are changed forever…

  • Will Leila remain true to her forced marriage-bond – or seek escape in the arms of a new lover?
  • What steps will Count Hassan attempt should he discover Leila’s planned indiscretions?
  • What are The Giaour’s reasons for acting out a dreadful revenge?

Want to know more?


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