Angel Sword

Angel - Demon
So the longsword sang from its scabbard, and the hauberk clinked with its mail
While the whipping storm grew blacker yet and the wind gave a banshee wail.
And the demon-lord laughed harder, and mocked the angel lone
While in turn he drew out the naked steel – for he deemed this battle won.

But the angel asked no quarter – and the demon wished it so
So it ever happed in the angel wars that were fought so long ago.
For the deepest and darkest legends, that are shrouded in mist by Fate
All do whisper good reason both are sworn foes and have reason for mutual hate.
For the demons were once angel-brothers, till they rebelled to turn renegade
And chose then to hate what they once had loved, and great war in the heavens made.
But the sons of heaven they rallied, and they struck back hard with steel
No quarter they asked, and no quarter they gave to the rebels: thus they did deal.
But the demons were unrepentant. And the angels asked no more
But the wrath of the sword to be paid in full on the traitors in bloody war.

So the angels – once kin to the demons, though the tie is renounced and despised –
Flock to the fight just as instantly as they sight the foe in their eyes.
‘To the death!’ In their fury swore they, and they gave their troth and word
To their Captain great, who their oaths confirmed, that they gave before the Lord.

So the Demon-lord advanced him. But the angel resisted straight
Though he die or live, not one foot he’ll give. And the outcome he leaves to Fate.

Angel vs Demon


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