Mazes of my Mind

Maze of the mind

I wake. Cognito ergo sum. But now I surely find
That my doubts resolve to trap me in the mazes of my mind.
Do I know all that I think I know? Is fact surely a fact?
Or is reason but a empty bowl that’s broken, aged and cracked?

My thoughts are spinning. Seeing is believing. So they say.
My perceptions dig into my mind in each possible way.
So: is life a drug whose psychedelic patterns hold in thrall?
Is there any way to separate the real from dream at all?

What with worldviews, prejudices, ignorance and then spots-blind
There is no escaping that we all are prisoners of mind.
Unless divine revelation should illumine what we see
We’re pre-destined to life’s quicksand: suicidal bigotry.


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