Church Groups

Angel - Demon


“So nice to see you dear – did you notice what Jill’s wearing? Not up to her usual standard…”

“Such nice arms. Great body. Is he available, do you think?”

“And who is Mary sleeping with? Not Tom again! Will she never learn?”

“Fred walked out. Three of the boys are in prison. It’s just too bad I say…”

“Nothing wrong with astrology, as my mother used to say. When Mars is in the ascendent…”

“Desperate Housewives is so amusing. Just harmless fun.”

“Now that she’s gone, I’ll tell you what I really think. Such a selfish, whining…”

“Oh – I never could. I just can’t. I’ll can’t change the way I am. Why, it’s just silly to think it…”

“I’ll divorce him. I really will. A girl’s got a right to happiness…”

Demon pupil:

Our “mums and toddlers” group comes along quite nicely, as you can observe. The local pastor’s wife began hosting it at church – far too good an opportunity for us to pass up…

Demon pedagogue:

Doors are open everywhere for us these days: any church will do – it makes no difference to us! There is always a good quantity of easily manipulated heathen in any given church group: in fact, the pastor and pastor’s family often supply us with the best cases of unbelief.

Where is the pastor’s wife -? Ah, yes, over there: with those discussing who are the best divorce lawyers. Very good – very good indeed. There’s no end to the possibilities you’ve created here: a fertile imagination is always our strong resource…

You have worked hard to establish another blossoming synagogue of Satan inside the very walls of church – and it redounds to our credit. Apart from some minor improvements – but we can go over those later. The trends here are most definitely, and deliciously diabolical.

Your efforts recommend you to the favourable notice of our Superior…

Derelict Church


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