Roe vs Wade

10 week aborted baby

One hundred thousand murdered babes Australia has each year.
One hundred thousand unborn: each unloved, each disappear.
They’re murdered by their mothers. Who all have the right to kill.
Who walk out proudly – bathed still in the blood they helped to spill.

There was no anaethetic. Did you sense your unborn scream?
They struggled – as dismemberment divides them while they keen.
The unborn have no rights at all – except the right to die
When mother wills. So ‘women’s rights’ have gained a victory.

“I am pro-life,” they might explain. “Unborn must have a chance –
Except in my own special case, my own life-circumstance.”
‘I am a god – for I can kill my own.’ is what I hear.
Thus – one hundred thousand babes will die in Oz this coming year.


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