False Pastors

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

False pastors are a plague, infecting most the church today
These wolves dress in sheep’s clothing. And they have a lot to say:
For they dress up like truth a heresy, and so thereby
They lull their congregations back to sleep with a nice-sounding lie.

Their conscience is elastic: and to all shapes it can be
Stretched to meet occasions. And they practice casuistry
So well they can self-justify themselves to any action
And all their cronies can be flattered to their satisfaction.

They fleece the flock, and by the charity of others fed
They work one day a week – Sunday. The other days are led
In meeting up for coffee with their friends: such “ministry”
Is worth – in their own minds at least – a full time salary.

These cravens are so bold in private. Publicly, they’re mild.
And like a politician they will see the flock beguiled.
Their words mean only what they choose to make them mean today
Just try to pin them down to anything –  they run away.

The church is their “profession”. Local church is “just a job”.
Just make sure the flock is tithing! So the hypocrite and snob
Is able thus to pay himself, his children and his wife –
As nepotism flourishes. For money is his life.

Such pagans make the church today a scandal and a curse
That’s bad. But in the bible I have read a salient verse:
“God’s Judgement will begin in His own house.” And the account
For pastors false, will be – I’m sure – an infinite amount.


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