Forget Me

Walk Away

Just forget me. We were friends, I thought. But maybe I was wrong.
But no – we really were friends once. Until some siren-song:
Made incompatibilities. Some other pat excuse?
Spare your self-justifications. I was never so obtuse.

Just forget me. All the things we did together and enjoyed.
The times we shared a meal. Told tall stories. Or employed
The nights in celebrating just in being what we are.
It’s all over – you decided. Like a snuffed out falling-star.

Just forget me. Sharing confidences, knowing what we know.
But why – you being once my friend, have you become my foe?
What did I say? What did I do? If I have done you wrong
Why did you not confront me? Or did you string me along?

Just forget me. I refuse to bear your hard, accusing eyes
Which were friendly once. Your hatred truly took me by surprise.
Perhaps you heard some slander and believed it, got upset.
It’s all over – as you wanted. From today I’ll just forget.


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