Shadow Lives

Empty Dead Church

Burning with curiosity, I stepped out of the sunlight into the building of shadows. It was a church of some kind. Its denizens flitted all about me.

I sat awhile in a pew to listen to someone behind a pulpit. The speaker talked about power from heaven. But there was clearly no power in this place – and the heavens were blocked from view by the shadowy ceiling.

I turned to listen instead to two pew-sitters talking. They wore T-shirts with large letters GREETING TEAM – LOVE THE LOST. The pair were slandering other pew-sitters not part of their greeting team. They reminded me of another pair I had overheard earlier bad-mouthing the greeting team. There was no love in this place.

When I walked through the building the sermoniser’s words reverberated from the walls: “You cannot serve both God and Mammon.” One wall of the building was devoted to the sermoniser’s merchanise: books, DVDs, CDs, designer clothing – all available for a large price. The sermoniser talked much about God – but acted much to serve Mammon. I suppose the others in the building followed his example: for I didn’t notice anyone serving God.

I looked into a room that had a large PRAYER MEETING sign hung on the door. It was filled with a gaggle of gossips: tell-tattling and trading secrets about the others not present. None were praying.

On the way out I tripped over a large object that had fallen onto the floor in the middle of the corridor. I picked it up. It was their Holy Book – and it was reverently placed in an expensive setting close to the building entrance. The holy book had evidently never been opened.

My curiosity extinguished, I left the building of shadows behind and returned to the sunlight.


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