Topsy Turvy


So the world’s gone topsy turvy. And I see it fall apart.
For the men are men no longer: they are turned to women all.
And small children rule the kingdoms of the world from stop to start.
While the women try to become men. The world is sure to fall.

Still – we have our wealth to soothe us. Every comfort. Every perk.
And our showers of prosperity should only bring us good!
As our nanny-states reward the lazy: for why should they work?
And majorities are ruled by cliques. Why is this? The cliques could.

And is there hope? Well, maybe. If the Truth were surely found.
But morality is mud these days – there is no right nor wrong.
Black is white. And bad is good (they say). There is no solid ground.
So the stage is set for weaklings to be struck down by those who’re strong.

God – forgive us such stupidity, our suicidal drives
That destroy the things we build: even the best that men can do.
Such futility is innate: over all our human lives.
Yet I hope in God. For though all men be false: yet He is True.


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