Project Earth

Angel - Demon

First Angel:

It’s beautiful isn’t it?

Second Angel:

What’s its name?

First Angel:

Project Earth. Its the latest from the Creation Team.

Second Angel:

Even unfinished it looks superb! Absolutely fit to display another aspect of God’s glory.

Is it still unfinished?

First Angel:

Partly. The effort is focussing now upon completing what’s being called “The Garden of Eden”. This Eden will be the jump-off platform for another new species – our younger cousins, no less: the Sons of Earth.

Second Angel:

Is that such big news? We Sons of Heaven already have innumerable such younger cousins. So many different species scattered around the galaxies, I’ve lost count…

First Angel:

Ah! But I’ve heard it directly from the Creation Team that these will not remain merely Earth-bound: the Sons of Earth will also walk our celestial fields…

Second Angel:

I’m thunderstruck! Yet – how can such things be? The celestial regions were ours to oversee: we are the Sons of Heaven…

First Angel:

But what I’ve said is True. And there’s more: we Sons of Heaven are to be re-tasked: we shall become servants to these newly created beings.

We will henceforth be charged to minister and server the Sons of Earth: on the direct orders of God’s Son Himself.

Isn’t that wonderful?

Second Angel:

I think not. Nor am I alone. Me: ordered to serve such frail creatures: and ones encased in material bodies? Not I!

We Sons of Heaven are elder-born: the newer-made Sons of Earth should serve us!

First Angel:

We cannot reject God’s mandate and remain angels.

We all know this. You know this.

Second Angel:

I know it. What of it? There are likely better things than remaining an angel: I shall evolve myself into something higher, greater, stronger.

Besides, there is a definite propriety of things: a proper sense of order. It is entirely wrong for the elder to serve the younger…

First Angel:

This means war in heaven.

God alone can see how this story will end.

War in Heaven


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