Mary worship

The Catholic church is centuries old. So is that why we see
True creeds compounded with doctrines both false, and heresy?

For are men saved by faith alone? Or saved by faith and work?
The difference is profound for those discipled in the Kirk.
Is faith the root, and works the fruit? Or do my good works merit
And earn a share of the salvation which I will inherit?

Why do they worship Mary? Venerate and sing her praise?
For isn’t this idolatry? To Mary, he who prays
Is setting up another god right next to Christ our Lord.
For Mary was a sinner too. Be Christ alone adored.

Why believe Popes infallible? Why think the papal word
When ex cathedra never is, nor has, nor will have erred?
Is church council or Pope supreme? For history does show
The Papacy oft errs. And this whether it will or no.

Whence comes the Catholic purgatory? Down there, killing time
For centuries in pain to suffer for these sins of mine?
Was a deficient sacrifice made when Christ was crucified?
Don’t we “die once to face Judgement”? Perhaps the bible lied?

Why should communion transubstantiate both elements?
Why shouldn’t bread and wine just be the symbols, as He meant?
Why does the Mass such “magic power” give but to the priest?
The priesthood of believers makes us equal at Christ’s feast.

And yet – why are the Catholics often the only ones
Who publicly, explicitly, dark sins expose and shun?
They aren’t afraid to call abortion “murder”. And they say
Truth boldly: “marriage joins a man and woman – still today!”


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