Luther Wittenberg

What thoughts, monk Luther, principally suffused your mind that fateful day
You nailed your theses ninety-five to Wittenberg’s Church Castle door?
For did you know: each Latin word you’d written then would cast a ray
So bright across the world? Whose like the church had never seen before?

Scholastic, learned discussion all gave way before a German yell
A popular upheaval from the peasants taxed to give to Rome.
These pious – though unlettered folk – despite bad priests, they knew full well
A hypocrite when one they saw: behind the pulpit, or near home.

So Luther’s protest was the spark that lit dry tinder into blaze
While Truth across the Christian world denounced Sin with a louder shout
And Catholic Rome to her foundation rocked. Thus in these latter days
We see that Luther lit a flame that God shall never let go out.


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