Angel - Demon

Angel Pedagogue

Welcome class! Today we will overview some aspects of “suffering” in the lives of those fascinating creations: human beings.
Humans – having mortal bodies born into their fallen world – are prone to infinite varieties of suffering that we cannot ourselves experience. Their grosser physical sufferings – torture, war, imprisonment, poverty and the like: these will be studied separately. For the present, we will note how many refined sufferings exist to afflict mankind regardless of class, creed, or country: everywhere and everywhen: at the instigation of God to fulfill His own purposes.

Let us first take “loneliness”: where a human realises they are unknown to others around them: they are alone, isolated. The exquisite mental suffering this produces has on them profound effects, regardless of their external physical comforts. This “loneliness” they experience so acutely is very difficult for us to imagine: being as we are intimately known to God and to each other….

Let us next take “rejection”: where a human’s friendly advance is ignored; when an opinion offered is dismissed, contradicted, or reproved – and so on. We all know that humans – like us – were designed to hold and reflect God’s love: so encountering “non-love” deals humans a strong emotional and spiritual buffet. Such rejections are commonplace, everyday occurrences on Earth: each reject a small taste of hell in a world where God had planted only an Edenic paradise…

Let us look at “misapprehension” – and its resulting confusion: another widespread cause of suffering even among human saints. Although human thinking was created to be lucid and penetrating – since the fall it is dull and opaque: apart from God’s gracious illumination. Therefore we see human saints falling easily into the most absurd thinking-errors: that God has abandoned them, or is angry with them, and cetera. Such untruths cause the saints great internal suffering: though a few are comforted by the biblical example of Job provided for their instruction. It is blindingly obvious to us that God can make no exceptions to His rule: God sacrificed Himself in His Son – as He planned before the foundation of the world: so too human saints must suffer as they follow in Christ’s footsteps – until the day when all tears are wiped away…

Regardless of absurdly silly thoughts and foolish actions of human saints: we remember that their present blindness is but temporary: for in the new world the veil will at last be lifted from their minds: then they shall know and understand even more fully and clearly than we do….

On that day they too will see their God and their Christ, face to face


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