Blown Away


Dandelion blown in the wind

Blown away like morning mist.
Blown – blown away!
The nightmare dreams of yesteryear
The beating heart, the dropping tear,
The numbing, paralysing fear
Blown – all blown away!

The wicked hate of marriage kin
Blown – blown away!
Their venom-words of hurtful spite
Their persecutions day and night
Embracing wrong, rejecting right
Blown – all blown away!

Hypocrisy of relatives
Blown – blown away!
Manipulations and control
They wish destruction on my soul
Their curses wound and take their toll.
Are blown – blown away!

Lies given in religion’s name
Blown – blown away.
Behind the pulpit lies are told
To fleece the gullible with cold
And calculating falsehood bold.
Now blown – blown away!

What’s left? But peace and quietude
Blowing, blowing my way.
When lies and hate and evil cease
Then joy and happiness increase
And godliness without surcease.
I’m blown, blown away.


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