Smyrnaeus Quintus’ Posthomerica (in English Translation)

Achilles dragging Hector

Another great poetry must read includes Way‘s English verse translation of Smyrnaeus QuintusPosthomerica, which he entitled The Fall of Troy.

Quintus Smyrnaeus picks up were Homer leaves off: the Greeks’ varied successes and defeats on the battlefields surrounding Troy after Hector’s death at the hands of Achilles. The ensuing battles are narrated in stirring verse: complete with cunning strategems, heroic single combats, and devious machinations by Olympic deities to bring about the decisive events in the narrative.

  • With Hector dead – who now will assume the mantle of the champion-defender of Ilium?
  • Achilles’ prowess is unmatched: virtually ensuring the Trojans’ speedy destruction and thus bringing about the will of Zeus. So why does Zeus himself allow the Greek hero to fall in battle – by the hand of a god?
  • Troy inevitably falls: and few escape. Even so: is it possible for the traumatised captives to wreak a  signal revenge upon their captors – ensuring their destruction before they can regain their own island homelands?

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