The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Morris’ The Epic of Hades

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The world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes MorrisThe Epic of Hades.

Taking a leaf from Dante’s works, Morris threads his way through the Greek underworld – Tartarus and Hades – to colloquy with the shades of the departed. His guide – Psyche – precedes him to announce his arrival before the divinities of Olympus: whose successive revelations culminate with the words of Zeus himself.

The poet hears from their own lips shades confess their deeds and life stories. The shades in Tartarus continue brazenly arrogant to self-justify themselves; while those in Hades reflect upon what has been in more  subdued tones. Aatop mount Olympus the divine powers greet the poet with a striking series of revelations: how the Fates and the gods cooperate to pursue the man’s good – while still caring for the world and maintaining the order of the universe.

  • What were the crimes of: Tantalus, Phaedra, and Sisyphus?
  • How can Clytaemnestra possibly justify murdering her own husband?
  • Does Medusa’s fate really make moral sense?
  • Was Psyche right – or wrong – to abandon everything in pursuing Love?

Want to know more?

Dante's Inferno


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