My angel, my god?

Angel - Demon


O beneficent spiritual being! O Thou without one iota of corrupt carnality!
You – who are so beautiful, so glorious! I cannot endure your splendor with my weak mortal eyes.

You are – must be – a god! I worship thee…


Worship God alone! Are not we angels merely His servants – commanded in turn to serve you?

We are spirits merely – lesser spiritual beings than you humans, who are also flesh and blood: made in the same form chosen by the blesséd Son of God in which to display His glory.

Ye humans lack our splendor only for this passing time, your mortal lifetimes – which are less than an eye-blink of eternity’s eye. For those predestined for glory will be raised with incorruptible bodies, whose splendor will outshine the sun itself. On that day, which of us will be the more glorious?

Will not ye humans judge us angels in that Day?

Original sin has marred you humans so that you now appear to be only – as your expression puts it – contemptible worms: but the predestined will be reborn brilliantly beautiful, like the butterflies.


But who is predestined?


Those whose names are written in God’s Book of Life.


Is my name there?


Into such things as this we angels long to look: but it is not permitted us.




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