Cheap Grace

Frozen Chosen

I was in church. At least the sign said “church” outside this place.
The atmosphere was frigid. They were preaching there “Cheap Grace”.
A sub-antarctic atmosphere prevailed among these “chosen”.
There was no Holy Spirit fire. All here were deeply frozen.

Cheap Grace produces masses of cheap Christians – nominal.
Church membership – sans discipline – appeals to them all.
Forgiveness – sans repentance – is so easy, cheap and free.
They want blessing – sans pain or persecution. How jolly.

Results without obedience to Christ? This is not true.
They torture scripture – twist it for a pretext to construe
This un-Christian philosophy. I shudder at their fate.
And so will they – when they remain outside the Pearly Gate
And Christ denies He knew them. They will realise: but too late!


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