Angels’ Wings

Guardian angel

I hear them sometimes when awake, or dreaming of night-things.
The sing-song of God’s messengers: the flight of angels’ wings.

When walking through this world of ours, and dangers come my way
I cannot think – I do not know – how many times at me a blow
Is aimed to end my mortal life. Whatever each day brings
God has dispatched his messengers: a flight of angel wings.

Though walk I through the fierce war-zone, one thousand at my side
Have fallen low, and death they die. I do not fear. I need not fly.
Or when succumb a myriad to Disease’s sufferings
Still God protects me, for he sends: a flight of angel wings.

For I’m adopted as His own, a sibling to His Son –
(Twelve angel legions at His side were stayed: so was He crucified.)
His angels are my guardians: to me His succor brings
Preserve me safe through every harm: enwrapped in angel’s wings.


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