Engineering Futures

Angel - Demon


Genetic engineering? So superb! How long will our Enemy continue handing us these golden opportunities on a silver platter?

It’s a simple matter for us to convince scientists that the future of humanity belongs exclusively in their hands: that every species must be added to an accessible library of cataloged genome-blueprints: to allow geneticists to begin building every variety of do-it-yourself life-forms. The sky’s the limit! Science-fiction aficionados haven’t even come close to dreaming of what we can make possible…

Of course, it’s now but a few short steps to start realising our very own Brave New World of genetically-modified humans: for human-beings are so twisted that they can never resist any chance to exploit each other by all possible means.

What fun it fill be to watch our carefully groomed scientist-overlords create endless varieties of human drones engineered to every sort of menial drudge-work? Ha! Ha! I can see it now: as one geneticist says confidentially to another “…and an order just came in for another batch of four-armed amphibious marine-slaves to do some border-patrol work…” Just think of it! Whole new races of homo-sapiens for us to mislead: exciting new chimeras created by the crossing of humans with: crocodiles, elephants, sharks, eagles…

Ah – yes! I anticipate the victory that will soon be ours! May such devil-inspired mayhem last – forever!


In the image of God, He made them: man and woman were made in His own image – to eternally reflect His glory.

Geneticists design a body: but who implants its soul? Only fools think they can efface the God’s image from the spirit of the human-race.

Will humans be allowed to create their own sub-races and sub-species? God forbid! Such phantasmagoria are mere shades of deceit swallowed by duped followers of the Evil One.

Who continues to hold the destiny of His creatures in His hands? Only their Creator who made Life ex nihilo!

Cloning Human Babies



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