Byron’s The Seige of Corinth

Medieval Battle

Another great poetry must read includes Byron‘s The Siege of Corinth.

Lanciotto – a Venetian renegade – leads the Turkish forces against the hopelessly outnumbered Venetian garrison holed up inside the Acrocorinth. What is his surprise to find out that his first and only love – Francesca, the Governor’s daughter – is herself then present inside the besieged Venetians?

In a vision, Franscesca begs Lanciotto – who had abandoned both homeland and religion to adopt those of the Turks – to forgive those Venetians who had forced him to flee Venice: and to avert the senseless slaughter planned for the morrow while winning her hand in marriage: as both had long desired.

  • Can Lanciotto forgive his false accusers – his own countrymen, who forced had him into penurious exile?
  • Even if he wished: can Lanciotto save the lives of the Venetians slated for certain death or enslavement?

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