The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Válmíki’s Ramayana (in English Translation)

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Part of the world’s best English epic and narrative poetry includes Válmíki’s Ramayana, one of India’s two epic master-pieces translated from the original Sanskrit. In this poem, Válmíki records the vicissitudes  and adventures of Prince Rama and his beautiful bride Sita: who are both expelled from a loving father’s royal court and condemned to a wandering exile by falling victim to malicious court-intrigues and power-politics.

  • Will Rama – formidable warrior though he be – succeed in overcoming the powerful Rakshasha kingdom and regain his beloved Sita, abducted by King Ravana?
  • Can Rama and Sita overcome the rising influence of Queen Kaikeyi in his father’s kingdom to repudiate their enforced exile and finally return home?

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The Ramayana


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