You Wouldn’t

Knowing Me

You wouldn’t want to know me. And what for? I’d offer you
Just honest, firm, companionship. Today – who loves what’s true?

I am not rich. Nor handsome. Don’t speak glibly with my tongue.
I do not stroke your ego: praising you for things undone.

I’m not funny. Nor am popular. I’m just an average guy.
I don’t attract attention. Those who see me – just walk by.

I am no politician: I am bad at telling lies
Or saying words you want to hear under a friendly guise.

I don’t do slander. Gossip I don’t tolerate at all.
If you have verbal diarrhea then go prate to a wall.

The party’s life I never was. Its cynosure? Not me.
If you want entertainment: how about watching TV?

So who would want to know a guy like me? None I suppose.
I’m just a man made in God’s image. And who cares? God knows.


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