The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Scott’s Bridal of Triermain

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The world’s best English epic and narrative poetry is not complete without Scott’s The Bridal of Triermain. This poem celebrates the exploits of a knight errant – Sir Roland De Vaux – as he seeks to rescue – and hopefully espouse – the beautiful maiden, Gyneth. Gyneth herself is an illegitimate daughter of King Arthur: doomed by Merlin 500 years previously to abide in an enchanted sleep inside a magic castle for causing a decimation amongst the knights of Arthur’s Round Table.

  • Will Sir Roland De Vaux win through the many hidden snares scattered throughout the magic castle which forms Gyneth’s prison?
  • Will Gyneth – upon awakening from her enchanted sleep – repent the death of so many brave knights: whose spilt blood stained the tourneying ground over five generations ago?

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Scott's Bridal of Triermain Cover Art


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