Birthday Girl

Girl on swing

My daughter, now you’re two! This is your day.
So ‘happy birthday’. So much I can say…
Who would have thought I’d be so blessed to be
A father of God’s gift: of you to me?

And where did they come – your eyes so blue?
Do they reflect the heavens that they see?
So trusting in their innocence, they shew
That you still wish to grow to be like me.

You do not know my failings yet, my child.
They are so many. But you do not care
Not yet. Yet still our perfect Father smiled
To give you to my family to rear.

Rise up – and grow to know Him little one.
How can I show you what you need to know?
Only God can show you that. His Son
Will lead you by the hand where you must go.

God loves you more than I can, that is true.
But with Him I’ll rejoice you’re turning two.


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