The World’s Best English Epic Poetry – Scott’s Lord of the Isles

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The world’s best English epic and narrative poetry is not complete without Scott’s The Lord of the Isles.

The story begins with Robert Bruce – Earl of Carrick – having been forced into exile by the English. Bruce returns over sea to Scotland from the Island of Rachrin: but is forced by a storm to seek shelter near hostile territory at Artonish Castle, on the seacoast of Argylshire. Bruce succeeds in gaining shelter from his ally, Ronald, Lord of the Isles: who in the morning conducts him to Sky: from where Bruce begins to organise a host assemble and throw out the English to re-establish Scottish independence..

  • Can Bruce – fugitive and alleged turn-coat – succeed in  liberating Scotland against superior English forces?
  • Will the beautiful Edith – close friend to Bruce’s sister – naturally take the part of her blood-relations against the Scottish crown? Or will she side instead with her betrothed – Lord Ronald – who marches behind the banner of the  Bruce?

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Sir Walter Scott's Lord of the Isles Cover Art


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